Fair Play


EBFA Respect Award 2021/2022 ( Sep-21 to May-22)


Date Awards

Detailed below are Links to the 2021/2022 (Sep-21 to May-22) Season Age Group Respect Tables :

Max average is 300 as we only extract the marks for :
          Behaviour of players from opposition? (1-100)
          Behaviour of supporters from opposition? (1-100)
          Behaviour of coach/manager from opposition? (1-100)
If you do not mark the opposition then you get half the marks that the opposition awarded you (30-150 down to 15-75)
If the opposition did not mark your team then you get full marks of three hundred unless you did not mark them, then you get half of zero (0) = zero (0).


Team’s Whole Game Systems infringements for Cautions, Sending offs and Misconduct will receive a penalty of minus twenty points (-20) for each Caution, minus forty points (-30) for each Sending off and minus fifty points (-50) for each Misconduct


Team - Age Group Respect Marks

Sep-21 to May-22

Sep-21 to May-22

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    Format 7v7 U9s Sections U10s Sections
    Format 9v9 U11s Sections U12s Divisions


Team -Age Group Respect Marks

Sep-21 to May-22

Sep-21 to May-22

Sep-21 to May-22

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    Format 11v11 U16s Divisions U17s Divisions U18s Divisions