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EBFA Policy - Recording Images

Date Policy

Recording Images


The East Berks Football Allianceis committed to providing a safe environment for children/young people under the age of 18. Implicit in this is the commitment to ensure that all publications, resources and media represent participants appropriately and with due respect. The points outlined in this policy you shall be putting in place the best possible practice to protect children and young people wherever photographs or recorded images are taken and stored.

Key Concerns

The key concerns contained within this policy regarding the use of images of children/young people relate to:

(i)             The possible identification of children when a photograph is accompanied by personal information

(ii)           The inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of images for use on child pornography websites

(iii)          The taking of inappropriate photographs or recorded images of youngsters.


There have been concerns about the risks posed directly and indirectly to children and young people through the use of photographs on sport web sites and other publications.

Firstly, Photographs can be used as a means of identifying children when they are accompanied with personal information, for example: “This is a member of the Anytown Junior Football Club who likes Atomic Kitten”. This information can make a child vulnerable to an individual who may wish to start to “groom” that child for abuse.

Secondly the content of the photo can be used or adapted for inappropriate use. There is evidence of this adapted material finding its way onto child pornography sites.


You shall ensure that images of a young person, who is under a court order, are NOT recorded or published.

All children featured in recordings shall be appropriately dressed with outer clothing garments covering their torso from at least the bottom of their neck to their thighs, (i.e. a minimum of vest/shirt and shorts)

The photograph shall ideally focus on the activity. Where possible images of children/young people shall be recorded in small groups (the group may comprise any combination of adults and children)

Any instances of the use of inappropriate images shall be reported to The Management Committee.

A Club’s, Official’s, Manager’s and coaches shall still be allowed to use video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid. However, footballers and their parents/carers shall be aware that this is part of the coaching programme and care shall be taken in the storing of such films and video.

Child protection and best practice


If the child is named, avoid using their photograph

If a photograph is used, avoid naming the young person or use their first name only. Personal details of children such as an email address, home address and telephone numbers shall never be revealed on a website

Ask for the child’s permission to use their image. This ensures that they are aware of the way the image is to be used to represent the sport. A Parent/Carer and Child Permission Form is the best way of achieving this and can be done at the beginning of the season (Club Membership Form)

Ask for parental/carer permission to use an image of a young person. This ensures that parents/carers are aware of the way the image of their child is representing the sport. A Parent/Carer and Child Permission Form is the best way of achieving this and can be done at the beginning of the season (Club Membership Form)

In order to guard against the possibility of a young person under a court order appearing on a website, the simultaneous streaming of images onto a website is not recommended. Delayed streaming also provides an opportunity for the editing of inappropriate clips (e.g. disarranged clothing). If the video/film clips are delivered from your own server that material can be downloaded. It is therefore recommended that you use an independent server so that material cannot be accessed, copied or downloaded

Think about the level of consideration that you give to the use of images in all publications, for example the processes used in choosing photographs for a publicity brochure for the club. Apply an increased level of consideration to the images of youngsters used on websites. Simple technology features such as watermarking may dissuade third parties from using or attempting to access controlled imagery

Try to take photographs that represent the broad range of youngsters participating safely in football.

This might include: 

Boys and girls

Minority ethnic communities

A range of clothing e.g. tracksuit/jogging trousers

Girls with hair covered e.g. baseball cap or scarf

Disabled people

Glasses if not actually playing at the time

Shin pads shall be on if they are recorded playing

Jewellery shall be removed in all images


All Managers shall agree before the start of the event about the use of photographic filming equipment.

This mean that if one manager does not agree to the use of photographic equipment at the EBFA match, then both must ensure they team and supporters do not use photographic equipment at the match.

Failure to follow this policy shall be referred to the Management Committee. Clubs, players or persons found guilty of breaches shall be charged by the League for bringing the League into Disrepute and may be fined a sum not exceeding £200.00 and/or may be dealt with further by the Management Committee of this League.

There is evidence that some people have used sporting events as an opportunity to take inappropriate photographs or film footage of young and disabled sportspeople. While this might be rare in football you still have a duty of care to young people to ensure that this risk is as small as possible. 

By taking some simple steps you shall be reducing that risk. 

If you are commissioning professional photographers or inviting the press to a football activity or event it is important to ensure they are clear about your expectations of them in relation to child protection.

Provide a clear brief about what is considered appropriate in terms of content and behaviour.

Inform participants and parents that a photographer shall be in attendance at an event and ensure they consent to both the taking and publication of films or photographs.

Do not allow unsupervised access to footballers or one to one photo sessions at events.

Do not approve/allow photo sessions outside the event or at a footballer’s home.

Parents and spectators might also wish to take photographs or record their children participating at the event:

If parents or other spectators are intending to photograph or video at an event they shall also be made aware of your expectations

In addition:

Participants and parents shall be informed that if they have concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography these shall be reported to the event organiser or official and recorded in the same manner as any other child protection concern

Event organisers shall approach and challenge any person taking photographs who has not registered with them. They might need to refer to the local police force if this person continues to record images


Child protection is about putting in place the best possible practices and procedures; this shall protect not only the child but also you, the adult, in football.