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EBFA Next Meeting - GM

06-Sep-18  8:00-10:00pm , open from 07:50pm. Auditorium, Garth Hill College, Bull Lane, Bracknell, RG42 2AD



EBFA Season Honours 2014/2015 - Trophy Event / Cup / Plate / Shield


EBFA 2014/15 Trophy Events - Cup, Plate and Shield
2014/2015 Mini-Soccer ( 5v5 ) Trophy Event Competitions
Age   Team
Under 7s Black Winners U07 NPL Youth
  Runners Up U07 Hawley Raiders
Under 7s Blue Winners U07 Eversley & California Royals
  Runners Up U07 Finchampstead Jaguars
Under 7s Red Winners U07 Whitegrove Eagles
  Runners Up U07 Twyford Comets
Under 7s White Winners U07 Woodley Saints Kestrels
  Runners Up U07 Maidenhead Magpies Blacks
Under 8s Black Winners U08 Eldon Celtic Lions
  Runners Up U08 Camberley Town Youth Redwings
Under 8s Blue Winners U08 Ascot United Athletic
  Runners Up U08 Wargrave Wolves Blacks
Under 8s Red Winners U08 Sandhurst Town Boys
  Runners Up U08 Maidenhead Magpies Blacks
Under 8s White Winners U08 FC Bracknell Arrows
  Runners Up U08 Ascot United Aces
Under 8s Gold Winners U08 AFC Charvil
  Runners Up U08 Ascot United Chargers
Under 8s Silver Winners U08 Maidenhead Magpies Reds
  Runners Up U08 Eversley & California Royals
2014/2015 Mini-Soccer ( 7v7 ) Cup, Plate & Shield Competitions
Age   Team
Under 9s CUP Winners U09 Finchampstead Chiefs
  Runners Up U09 Bracknell Town Robins
Under 9s PLATE Winners U09 NPL Youth Protons
  Runners Up U09 Sandhurst Town Reds
Under 9s SHIELD Winners U09 AFC Henley Hurricanes
  Runners Up U09 Berks County Eagles
Under 10s CUP Winners U10 NPL Youth Blues
  Runners Up U10 Binfield Dragons
Under 10s PLATE Winners U10 Camberley Boys Blues
  Runners Up U10 Binfield Scorpions
Under 10s SHIELD Winners U10 Windsor Youth Hawks Cosmos
  Runners Up U10 Whitegrove Arrows
2014/2015 Youth ( 9v9 ) Cup & Plate Competitions
Age   Team
Under 11s CUP Winners U11 Bracknell Town Robins
  Runners Up U11 Caversham AFC Crusaders
Under 11s PLATE Winners U11 Langley Crusaders
  Runners Up U11 Spencers Wood Hurricanes
Under 11s Shield Winners U11 FC Bracknell Bullets
  Runners Up U11 Hearts Of Teddlothian Tigers
Under 12s CUP Winners U12 Darby Green and Potley Dynamos
  Runners Up U12 Bracknell Town Wolves
Under 12s PLATE Winners U12 Camberley Town Youth Rascals
  Runners Up U12 Windsor FC Swallows Raiders
2014/2015 Youth ( 11v11 ) Cup & Plate Competitions
Age   Team
Under 13s CUP Winners U13 Eldon Celtic Lions
  Runners Up U13 Reading Pumas
Under 13s Plate Winners U13 Crowmarsh Youth
  Runners Up U13 NPL Youth Rangers
Under 14s Cup Winners U14 Ash United Youth
  Runners Up U14 Didcot Town Youth
Under 14s Plate Winners U14 Laurel Park Hurricanes
  Runners Up U14 Ascot United Royals
Under 15s CUP Winners U15 Southcote Colts
  Runners Up U15 NPL Youth Sat
Under 16s CUP Winners U16 Woodley Saints Lions
  Runners Up U16 Basingstoke Town Colts Youth Elite
Under 18s CUP Winners U18 Laurel Park Tornadoes
  Runners Up U18 Whitegrove Rockets
Under 21s CUP Winners U21 Englefield Eagles
  Runners Up U21 Twyford Comets Jaguars